Friday, June 8, 2012

Outdoor Quails

Quails at the treehouse

I have just been reading Quail Diary - and I thought it apt to rejuvinate this blog and share our stories once again. So much has happened since December 2008. The house is probably just the same as we left off back then... we never have finished painting our window ledges inside. It never pays to move in to a house until it is absolutely finished. Two dogs have graced us with their presence, and sleep contently on the bed beside me, while the sun plays with the shadows through the tree tops. Work obviously continues. The mortgage didn't disappear in that time. Various attempts of a vege garden have come and gone with varying success.

And now we have quails. They produced their first egg within hours of settling down in our bathroom for their first night. 

And today they have breathed the fresh air and sampled the fleeting sunlight in our still as yet undeveloped front courtyard. One has found the sheltered warmth of the laying box - the others huddle and sprint as they explore their run.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Florentine Feast

Florentine Steaks - 1kg each Buffaloo Mozerella
Incredibly expensive fresh fruit with deep fried pastry!
Porcini Mushrooms
It's all about atmosphere and good wine.

And a good steak to get your teeth into.

And all this in a Tuscan Home!

Florentine Market

$50 Euro at a market extravaganza! Our choice of anything to create the Tuscan feast of the century (for us anyway). The colours, sights, smells - and the smatterings of italian... what could we create?
Fruit Salad Magic Mushrooms - not quite but there seemed to be a magic quality about them.
A dedication to Olives
You name it - you can eat it!
Dry anything and have a feast.
Check out the sights of Florence and surrounding buildings, valleys, and community.