Friday, September 26, 2008

panarama - Florence


I will find the picture of the stairs that had to be climbed to capture this view... even Mathew thought it was worth the effort.

A Room with a View

Tuscan houses are made of brick, stone and huge beams of wood that traverses the ceiling tops. Small windows help to keep the house cool in the Tuscan sun. Shutters across the windows at night keep the warmth in, and the room remains dark as dark can be. The stairs leading up to our rooms seemed to be carved out of stone and narrow steal banisters held firm in the plaster covered walls. It seems dark from the photos, however the sun found it's way inside and added an amazing hue to the cool atmosphere. Grapes hung from the shed trellis, and could be picked and eaten at leisure. Ana and I would walk the 800m down to the goats, and wandered back up past the vineyards, clear stream, and stoney paths. A goose feather douvet ensured a cosey, warm and appreciated sleep.