Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Work Bash - Helicopter Ride

Manaia Kindergarten had their annual end of year party at Headlands Farm Park beach. There was much debate about whether Santa would visit - in the end Tania and I were sent to help out. This meant we had to fly in on our 'sleigh' - and thanks to Dave Blakely a helicopter was brought in for the job. The first time on a helicopter. I waited for the moment to become nervous - but Dave was great - telling us every step of the process and not a nervous moment entered our psyche. It was an awesome experience and we flew around Whangarei Harbour - over the Kindergarten and School, across the Nook to Mt Manaia - hovering over my house. Fiona was inside with the music up loud and didn't manage to look up at the appropriate time - but the veiw from where I sat was amazing. Then off to the party and the kindergarten crowds. It was a great party too. Thanks to Dave for an awesome experience!