Saturday, June 21, 2008

winter solstice

It is officially the middle of winter - and here I am sitting in the lounge this relaxing Sunday morning - in my summer pjs!
What a wonderfully warm winter this has been albeit a bit wet - but not enough to keep the hydro dams full. So all in all - a very pleasant winter.

The sad part of this year was the departure of Rachael, Ralph, Mathew and Ana to Italy for their year plus adventure. I miss them all heaps but technology today keeps us in contact with Skype chat and video discussions. Their blogs are also worth a read (see in right hand panel).

For those remaining in the southern hemisphere, this winter solstice brought a beautiful sunny saturday. Fiona and I took a wonderful walk along the coastal cliffs with my parents. The jackets were a precaution against the black clouds on the horizon - and ofcourse because we wore them the sun remained shining.