Sunday, September 28, 2008

Florentine Feast

Florentine Steaks - 1kg each Buffaloo Mozerella
Incredibly expensive fresh fruit with deep fried pastry!
Porcini Mushrooms
It's all about atmosphere and good wine.

And a good steak to get your teeth into.

And all this in a Tuscan Home!

Florentine Market

$50 Euro at a market extravaganza! Our choice of anything to create the Tuscan feast of the century (for us anyway). The colours, sights, smells - and the smatterings of italian... what could we create?
Fruit Salad Magic Mushrooms - not quite but there seemed to be a magic quality about them.
A dedication to Olives
You name it - you can eat it!
Dry anything and have a feast.
Check out the sights of Florence and surrounding buildings, valleys, and community.