Saturday, July 26, 2008

Storm Front

Well - it was deemed the storm of the decade with disastrous south easterly winds and torrential rain. We were told to prepare for a battering and to ensure that we had our survival kits ready. Civil Defense rolled into action, ready for what might eventuate.

Having said that Fiona went into town for a workshop - only to be evacuated and told to go home at lunch time. Being high tide, Fiona still ventured homeward past the narrow ridges next to the rising sea. Fortunately she made it home in one piece. through out the early afternoon we had raincoats and boots handy as we rushed outside and rescued items that flew off our decks. Then a lull. What better time to get into the car and go and see the storms destruction and fury. We drove to Ocean Beach (we didn't take your car Dad - just in case). Wow!! Actually it wasn't as bad as we had anticipated. The harbour appeared ominously calm. Drains had morphed into rivers and whirl pools as they approached drains. Only when we turned onto the Ocean Beach straight did the extent of the storm begin to show its impact with a couple of enormous trees partially blocking the road. We were unperturbed - we wanted to see the waves. Ocean Beach did not disappoint!

Having said all that - on a west facing property the storm did not deliver the excitement that perhaps others enjoyed!