Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in our coastal country home.

It was great to spend Christmas in our own - new - home this year. Mum and Dad joined us for the day and we had a wonderful, different, joyful time together. We thought a turkey would be much for four people - so we were offered a goose from a friends lifestyle block. Other friends offered to prepare it for us. It was different, but an honest way to prepare a Christmas meal - and we decided to go for it. Cooking Goose was a challenge and the internet by my side helped in the process. It turned our rather well and was quite juicy with a bit of a bite! Fiona cooked a half side of Salmon which was scrumptious. Fiona's Christmas cake has now become legendary in the Whangarei Heads. Mum supplied the Ham and the Hibiscus Champagne drink. Dad carved and gave advice on the Goose. The ipod provided endless christmas music. Unfortunately it rained - but the house was still enjoyable and a wonderful home to share. Check out the mood...