Saturday, June 17, 2006

Falling in Love

Falling in love with the Whangarei Heads - New Zealand...

In 2000 we took a romantic drive along a newly discovered track. Our instructors (family) had advised us of a 'nice drive' - so off we went at 7pm. We drove through the small city, over a non descript bridge, traversed the mangroves on tarseal, and chanced upon an unexciting suburb until we found the sign "Whangarei Heads". It was yet another non descript intersection and we wandered if we would really see more than mudflats and mangroves. As a product of the big city (Auckland), with my new love from overseas, I was hoping for adventure, but doubted we would find it here.

We wound down the hill passing more mangroves as we reached the waters edge. We scooted around corners and through a seaside village. The shabby houses seemed to be right beside the lapping waves - a rustic tranquility that we were unable to motor towards. The road swept us further. The specks of mudflats were fast disappearing under a glass of sunset water. The dusk blue sky had begun to show it's evening blush, and the ripples in the harbour began to catch the mood as our car continued to pull us into the spell. By the time we had reached the carpark at Tamatirau our gentle whispers had become a rush of excited babble as our dreams took shape in this hypnotic setting. We were not a quarter of the way towards our current residential address - but our adventure had begun! Together we planned to dream a home that would nurture our creativity, demand relaxation, and inspire our life. In a hidden place like the Whangarei Heads, we knew that was all possible.