Sunday, February 3, 2008

Film photography and BlogCatalog

I have been enjoying my discussions on BlogCatalog. Most of the discussions I become involved in are to do with photography and photoblogs (see my 2 photoblogs 'Silverspikes' and 'A Photo from Tomorrow'.

A recent discussion arose about Film photography verses Digital photography (yes there are still people who pine for film). Thought I would share my memories and thoughts here too....

I remember my first day working in the Hospital Photographic Lab at Greenlane Hospital in 1990. I was launching my career as a photographer (as it turned out I went into computers instead and then packed it all in for a job with children - much more rewarding). It was my first day on the job and Darren (chief photographer) showed me how to develop film - which I mostly knew. My first task as a REAL photographer was to develop the film for the day. I was given a White hospital coat (looked so cool - if a little long [dont laugh!]) and sent into the dark room. It was so exciting. I was soooooo proud of myself. I went home beaming! A job well done. I was all set to step forward with confidence and delve right back into the dark room the next day. I strode into the Lad happy as larry until I took my White Coat off it's hook!!! You photographers guest it - brown (Developing) stains ALL over. It looked like I had swum in the stuff!!!

I did go on to enjoy my days in the dark room and have considered setting up a small dark room on our new property. Maybe I should purchase black coat though!! lol.
As for Digital verses Film - the dark room has memories - but right now I love just grabbing a shot and not having to worry about expense. Check out my photoblogs if you like...


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

LOL on the black lab coat. I remember the awe and mystery I felt when in high school I learned the secrets of developing film in the dark room. It only compared to when I had to develop x-rays later. :D

Great post!!!

Hugs, JJ

BillyWarhol said...

Ironically that is something i would have always loved to learn* There's a quality about Film that Digital will never achieve* Maybe it's the experience + hands on effort + care that goes into it* Plus i thin there's that Surprize of never knowing what yer going to get!!



Nicole said...

I'm with Billy.
I would love to learn it.
But then again, we hop around way too much and for some more years to come.
But maybe one day, I will be able to play with the original art.
Until then, digital makes me happy enough and, yes, I couldn't live with the expenses would I shoot film right now ;)