Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the meadows of Tuscany

Out in the meadows - beyond the house - a treehouse stands amoungst the foliage. Today it was time to fix the roof. Mathew and I went ambling across the feilds in search for the perfect branches - Ana in tow. The desired branch is one that has many sticks and few leaves - we liked the leaves. We snipped a bundle and carried it back to the hut - Ana in tow. Mathew skillfully climbed the swinging ladder. I gave it a bash - and for Ana we found a more stable climbing frame. Together we climbed carefully until we were on top of the world and looking out over the meadows of Tuscany.

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Manaia Kindergarten said...

Looks like lots of fun... don't you just love tree houses... how can we incorporate one of those into our playground???? Your all dressed very wintery... not so in Parua Bay - shorts and tshirts all round, even had some boys strip off their tops today... HOT!