Friday, September 19, 2008

"A toast to Pizza"

Our first evening meal in Tuscany was Gulasch with bread dumplings, with Chianti on the side. Our next evening meal - Mathew's Dad prepared the dough and we spent the evening flattening, rolling, cutting, sprinkling our own personalised pizzas. Then they were gathered up and shoved into the pizza oven. Bottles and glasses of Chianti graced the dining table in the middle of this Tuscan villa, as pizza after pizza passed over our plates. We were even priviledged to have the youngest pizza chef create a Calzone to share. Mathew raised his glass as we began our feast "A toast to Pizza" - how appropriate. His little sister raised her glass and we all clinked glasses. A toast to pizza in this tuscan villa surrounded by family.


parua bay primary school said...

Cool man! I suppose there will be pizza making from scratch at Manaia Kindy when you get back?? Sounds like you are having a wonderful and much deserved time on your travels!! Milly has been keeping us all updated at home. Have a fab time and bring some 'Italian culture' back to Whangarei Heads when you return.
Lynfa and Milly :-)

Manaia Kindergarten said...

YUM! That looks yum.. what did it taste like?
Love Milly